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Thoughts on Nature vs. Nurture

I wanted to write a blog about the differences in nature we can have with our adopted children. In researching, I came across “ The Three Faces of Adoptees ” by The Primal Wound author Nancy Verrier: “Although at one time there was an effort to fit some traits and interests of the birth mother to the adoptive family, the sensory aspects were largely ignored. Now there seems to be little effort to have the birth and adoptive family fit …” I’ve often heard adoptees say they felt they didn’t fit into their adoptive families. Prior to adopting, in my naïveté, I took it to mean outward appearance or feeling they were treated differently than the family’s bio children or missing the connection of living with their blood relatives.  Before we adopted, I never thought deeply about fundamental differences in nature and personality. Sure, I knew we have inherent talents and predispositions from our birth family, but the idea that our very natures can be so different as to not understand one anot